About Interspire Email Marketer and Addons

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Interspire Email marketer is one of the best web based interface you can use with PowerMTA to carry out more in-depth marketing campaigns. It has all the bells and whistles of an email marketing suite, and it’s really good at helping you carry out marketing campaigns from start to finish. Though it is very powerful interface, it still needed few tweaks to take the full leverage of PMTA. The tweaks come in the form of addons. The main purpose of these addons is to increase the sending speed and making the message more unique so that it gets delivered into Inbox. Since PMTA can send millions of mail in short span of time, so you need to avoid all footprint to avoid blacklisting. These addons can fulfill your requirements:

Multiple MTA + IP Monitor : With Multiple MTA addon you can choose more than one SMTP/MTA Account in each email Campaign. The IP-Monitor feature will help you to understand your Score Reputation and Blacklists.

Create GROUP of SMTP accounts
– Send Email Campaigns with more than 1 SMTP account
– Rotate the SMTP Account into GROUP of SMTP
– Select more than 1 SMTP from different groups to send email campaigns
– Rotate the SMTP group as: RANDOM / CYCLE
– Use custom Mail-FROM in each SMTP Account
– Use custom Mail-REPLY-TO in each SMTP Account
– Use custom Mail-BOUNCE-TO in each SMTP Account
– Monitor the MTA Reputation. (Reputation based in Senderscode and Senderbase)
– Monitor the MTA Blacklists

– Increase your sending speed from Interspire to your Mail Server
– Create new threads in your email campaings increasing your sending mail in 400% (with 4 threads) 800% (with 8 threads)

Feedback Loops Processor: Addon to handle your SPAM Complaints

– Remove SPAM Complaints
– Export SPAM Complaints
– The add-on work with all ARF complaint format
– Register the IPs with major ISP’s ( cost extra)

Spining [Content Rotation[Body,Subject,Signature,URL] : It can Spin email content.

– Spin mail from, reply-to, bounce-to
– Spin Subject
– Spin Mail Content
– Spin Email Links

Advanced Backup/Export: It can export Interspire Activity
– Export subscribers from users (active, unsubscribed)
– Export opens / clicks / unsubscribes classified by users
– Export opens / clicks / unsubscribes classified by contact lists
– Export Contact Lists grouped by users(active, unsubscribed, custom fields)
– Export Email campaigns grouped by users
– Export forms grouped by users
– Export Statistics grouped by users (opens, subscribers, bounced, unsubscribed, clicks, custom fields)

Social Network Sharing Statistics: Share Email Campaigns

– Share Email Campaigns in Social Networks like, Facebook, twitter, myspace, etc.
– Display stats about email who shared the email campaigns
– Export the email user who shared the email campaigns

Geo-Location Tracking Statistics
– Detect the Country in the email campaigns for opens, clicks
– Detect the City in the email campaigns for opens, clicks
– Display Chart/Stats of Country/City for Opens/Clicks
– Export the Opens/Clicks by Country or City
– Classify the statistics as GLOBAL (user homepage) and Email Campaigns

ISP Analysis

Combining PowerMTA and Interspire with above addons gives you world’s most advance email infrastructure. It is ideal system for mass email marketing. You can send millions of emails and most of them land in the inbox of your targeted list.

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